Wagner Ecology Lab


We are a plant ecology and ecoinformatics lab at the Department of Biological Sciences, at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Our aim is to understand why habitats become susceptible to invasive non-native plants, how management actions affect their biological components, and try to illuminate their biodiversity and ecological functions.

Much of our work focuses on grasslands. These habitats cover a quarter of the global terrestrial surface but face unprecedented and enormous pressure by farming, non-native species, a disruption of natural disturbance regimes, and climate change.

We work in western Canada and the adjacent US states but have also ties to Europe and Central Asia. We tackle our research questions through a comparative framework across continents and habitats and a diverse toolbox that includes data mining, field observations, and experiments.

To find out more about the lab and potential opportunities, please explore our recent Publications, check out our sites on Research and Opportunities, or contact the PI, Viktoria Wagner.

Contact us

University of Alberta
Department of Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Building
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E9
Phone: 780 492-1208

News archive

6 December 2019 Congratulations to Raytha for securing a University of Alberta Graduate Fellowship and to Zoey for securing an Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. Well done!

6 December 2019 We have found an MSc candidate for the advertised MSc position in our lab. There are currently no open positions.

23 October 2019 We are looking for an MSc student to join our lab in Sep 2020. 'More details'

29 August 2019 Thanks to our undergraduate research assistants Anna, Georgena, Ilana, Jada and Kennedy for their help this summer!

27 May 2019 Yay, our lab received funding from NSERC, the Rangeland Research Institute, the Montana and the Idaho Native Plant Societies. Thanks for the support!

25 May 2019 Let the field season begin. This year: Alberta prairie grassslands & forests and bedrock meadows in BC, Montana & Idaho.

25 January 2019 Welcome to Zoey & Raytha! Two new grad students that joined the lab.

23 January 2019 Thanks to Georgena for volunteering in our lab!

19 October 2018 New publication from our lab: Book chapter on 'Grasslands of Kazakhstan and Middle Asia' In Squires et al. 'Grasslands of the World'

14 August 2018 A big thank you to the summer volunteers in our lab: Ilsa, Mary and Nathanael!

News archive