Wagner Ecology Lab


We are a plant community ecology lab at the Department of Biological Sciences, at the University of Alberta, Canada.

We aim to understand why habitats become susceptible to invasive non-native plants and how management actions, human pressure and environmental factors affect their biological components. In the era of global change, we try to illuminate the biodiversity and functions of rare habitats that have been poorly studied.

We work across different habitat types but much of our work focuses on grasslands. These ecosystems cover a quarter of the global terrestrial surface but face unprecedented and enormous pressure by farming, non-native species, a disruption of natural disturbance regimes, and climate change.

Our research centres on western Canada, the adjacent US states, Europe and Central Asia and we tackle our research questions through a comparative framework and data mining, field observations, and experiments.

Contact us

University of Alberta
Department of Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Building
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E9
Phone: 780 492-1208

Lab news

8 July 2022 We are looking for 1-2 MSc students to join our lab in January 2022. For more details see here

1 March 2022 Zoey's paper on non-native plant invasions in Alberta prairie grasslands was accepted in Rangeland Ecology & Management. Congrats, Zoey!

2 April 2021 Welcome to our new lab member Caitlin Fenrich! Congratulations on securing an I-Steam internship, Caitlin!

15 March 2021 A paper by Viktoria and colleagues on invasions in European woodlands was accepted in the Macroecology Species Feature of the Journal of Vegetation Science. Read it here

21 February 2021 Kaitlin and Raytha each secured a ACA Biodiversity Grant. Well done, ladies!

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