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Before 2013
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Lab news

16 January 2023 Summer 2023 position: We are looking for a UofA undergraduate student to apply for a USRA to join our project on Caragana arborescens invasions.

16 January 2023 Welcome to our new lab members Martin Hinojosa, Britton McNerlin (both MSc students), and Emily Wong (BIOL 498 student)!

12 January 2023 Former postdoc Ricarda Pätsch shows that bedrock meadows are a distinct vegetation type in interior NW North America. Read the paper in the journal Applied Vegetation Science

1 November 2022 Viktoria received a Schimper field research grant to collaborate with Tatyana Vakhlamova in Kazakhstan as part of a cross-continental comparison of levels of invasion across habitat types.

8 July 2022 We are looking for 1-2 MSc students to join our lab in January 2022. For more details see here

1 March 2022 Zoey's paper on non-native plant invasions in Alberta prairie grasslands was accepted in Rangeland Ecology & Management. Congrats, Zoey!

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